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Why are SONEs so hated? What are some of the horrible things SONEs have done in the past?

Like I heard they called Donghae "fatherless" because Taeyeon insulted him and called him dumb on a show, ruining her own rep, and SONEs blamed Suju for it?! Is that serious?? It's so idiotic, how can it be true?! And if it is true, that is just the most messed up thing.. his dad died from cancer.

So after hearing this, I'm wondering what are other things SONEs have done to make people hate them so much. Stories/incidents please ^^


And also I heard Donghae or someone from Suju apologized FOR HER, but Suju still got bashed by SONEs through their Cyworlds??

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    not every sone is bad. don't generalize please. I'm a sone myselfwho is also an ELF.if you got toanti snsd's page most of them are ELFs, Did that make me hate suju?of course not because Fans don't represent the idols, besides there's many misunderstandings. Taeyeon didn't say "your pretty for a black girl" she said "she's a pretty black friend" in korean there's no word for african american. Second of all, remember there was a time when Leetuek,Yesung and Shindong were under fire for

    publically deciving fat girls" did you belevie it? of course not,or when Heechul says I'm prettier than snsd? nooo

    Like I said antis will always find reasons to hate and since I'm the debate kind of fan I always converse with People who are anti SNSD or Suju and prove them wrong.

    Don't generalize, SONE is a huge fandom there's the good and the bad. in every fanclub there's bad people, I love 2NE1 and BB but there fans always write things like "YG family only" on SM ent's videos. but that doesn't make me hate anyone. K-pop is like that, have the good side and the bad one.

    you can say my favorite groups are talentless, I'll say the oppisite. That's my opinion it doesn't mean I'm hating on you.

    SNSD and Super Junior are as close as me and my sister are. Heechul calls Yoona grandma does that means he's rude?no it's just they're friends.during SMTown in LA Leetuek purposly spilled water on Taeyeon that's rude? no. instead of looking at the bad side look at the bright side


    the time SNSD went to support suju backstage

    or the time Yoona invited Heechul as her bestfriend on FO2

    Mr. Simple's album Leetuek thanked all snsd members and Kyuhyun thanked "Cold Ssic (SNSD Jessica), still that weird Yoona, nice Seohyunnie"

    the time Donghae tweeted this picture of him and Yoona

    saying "Hae and Yoong we are no 1"

    did you watch this video of SNSD's win of Gee, lookk at how happy suju were

    Youtube thumbnail

    and if you watch kiss the radio you'll see that many times the SNSD members text Super Junior. and in Champage, SNSD were supposed to send messages to people asking them "tell me your wish" and the first to answer was Leetuek who said "I wish i could marry SNSD"

    Really, SNSD ad Suju are friends no need for fans to fight

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    SONEs are not necessarily the "nicest" fandom in the KPOP world. Although there probably are fandoms that have done meaner things, the acts SONEs do are more famous because they're SNSD's fans, who are really famous..

    Some famous incidents caused by the SONEs are the Dream Concert 2008 incident, insulting other artists [like, not just bashing, taking it extremely over-the-top] and more.

    If you look up "Dream Concert 2008 SNSD" there'll probably be heaps of stories and fan accounts. SONEs went around with knives, threatening other fans and fandoms, they took other fandom's seats [they were assigned] and more.

    They also have this thing where they all gang up [or just do it individually] and send out death threats to other KPOP fans who don't like SNSD or say something that offends them personally.

    That's pretty embarrassing to me as a SONE, but I can't really control what other SONEs do...especially hardcore, childish ones. I don't understand the SONEs who act like that...

    But don't let that leave a bad impression on you! Not all SONEs are mean ^^

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    SONES are one of the meanest fanclubs i'm not saying that ALL SONES are mean because i know a few SONES who are really nice but it's the ones who are protective over them.

    I read that you know how Super Junior has sub groups one of the SNSD members can't remember who said that Super Junior isn't one and that SNSD is just because SNSD doesn't have any sub groups. (This seriously made me mad)

    At Dream Concert SONES ripped a Super Junior banner. I also read (not sure if it's true or not) that a ELF was in hopistal from a SONE.

    There are many more things that they did.

    Like i said i don't hate SONES just the really overprotective ones that think that no group can ever be better then SNSD. I'm not saying that SNSD isn't a **** group becuase even though they aren't my favourite i still listen to a few of their songs it's just those rapid SONES that i hate.

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    they're usually more extreme, they bash a lot of other fandoms, at the dream concert 2008 they very obnoxiously boo-ed many other groups, tore down some suju posters, on the internet they often go on other kpop artists' videos and bash them(especially other girl groups). but those are just the EXTREME sones, the normal sones are okay lol.

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    If you hadn't noticed K-Pop fans aren't the most rational or sane people out there. There certainly are a lot of perfectly normal fans who are respectful but there are a handful of those who should be placed in a jail cell and in a straight jacket to avoid hurting others and themselves.

    What I've noticed is that the Sones that I've met tend to lean towards the ones that should be in a straight jacket if you know what I mean. It could have to do with something about SNSD being the most popular girl group but either way they're the fanclub that I'd have to say are the worst behaved in general.

    On the other side I've met a lot of really nice Sones. It just depends on who you run into.

    There are those who are like "SNSD is the BEST GIRL GROUP EVER!" or "They're all natural beauties! You're just jealous!" or "They're all the most talented people ever!" blah blah blah and you don't agree well then all hell breaks loose.

    I don't know about those rumors you're saying but Taeyeon did say a racist remark on her radio show. I can't remember if they were talking about her or listening to a song by Alicia Keys but she said, "For a black person, she's really pretty." and there are audio recordings of her exact words but you won't find it on Youtube anymore cause SM gets all those videos down cause they can't have that floating around to make SNSD look bad.

    Taeyeon isn't my favorite person since I think she is childish and somewhat immature like what she pulled on their special Oh! stage cause they didn't let her redo the song.

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    Some SONEs are known to be obsessed about SNSD, haters to other fandoms, especially girl groups such as WonderGirls and T-ARA, and whenever something happens, always putting SNSD in the right and defending them viciously. And in 2008 Dream Concert, SONEs and ELFs were fighting over good seats, resulting in people falling over the balcony, the were holding knives and threatening other fans, they literally ATTACKED other fandoms, and about 20 other fans were sent to the emergency room. One male SONE tore down the Suju concert banner during their concert. SONEs are also known for posting anti comments on on other group's videos.

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    Giving death threats to people who don't like snsd on youtube etc...

    They call people jealous, ugly, fat, hater, or tell them to go die just because they don't like snsd's songs.

    They actually call yoona, and some other snsd members goddess. WTF -_-

    SONEs are part of the reason why I dislike SNSD (of course that doesn't mean that I would go and bash snsd or something) of course not ALL sones are like that, but most of them act this way.

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    cause who in the world calls themself SONES. -___- haters gonna hate but you can't do anything about it.. it's just how the world is hun.

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    Who (what) is Sone? Donghae? Suju?

    Could you add more details please....

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