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1.ask for leave

2.ask for a leave

3.ask for leaving


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    正解是 ask for leave

    leave 當名詞,是『允許』的意思


    (其中有用的,像 on leave 是休假中;take leave of one's senses 是發瘋)

    1. permission to do something he was granted leave to speakby or with your leave with your permission3. permission to be absent, as from a place of work or duty leave of absence4. the duration of such absence ten days' leave5. a farewell or departure (esp in the phrase take (one's) leave)on leave officially excused from work or dutytake leave (of) to say farewell (to)take leave of one's senses to go mad or become irrational

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    ask for off (ask for two days off)

    ask for..... leave (ask for one day sick leave)

    (ask for 7 days annual paid leave)

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    .ask for leaving

  • 9 years ago

    ask for leave

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