What is the purpose of the hole on a hot tub cover?

We opened up our hot tub today to find little blue waxy flakes all through the water and the only thing we could think of that would do that is the little hole (made by the manufacturer) in the hot tub cover. You can see some kind of blue layer on the inside. We had to completely drain the hot tub and wipe it out, and refill it. But before we put the cover back on, we duct taped the hole so it wouldn't happen again. A couple hours later we checked on it and the hot tub turned itself off (it has never done that before). I'm worried that the hole may be some kind of vent for either steam, heat, chemicals, etc. and the hot tub turned itself off as a safety measure. Am I being too worried, or does the hole in the hot tub cover serve a purpose?

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    9 years ago
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    if the hole is intentional from the manufacturer, you can be sure that it serves a purpose. its their business. many engineers have worked for hot tub manufacturers over several decades. the manufacturer didnt just randomly make a hole for no reason. plugging that hole will probably void any warranty the hot tub might have. they think about this stuff for 40 hours a week, for years on end. you thought about it for 2 minutes and assumed it was the hole's fault. i would be more inclined to trust decades of engineering over your 2 minutes of casual thought.

    man, i sound mean today for some reason, sorry about that.

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    9 years ago

    Why don't you sew in some mesh screen so the heat can vent out, but it won't allow foreign objects to enter the hot tub?

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