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If my mom found out I cut myself, could she force me into a psych ward?

I'm only 17. 18 in February. If she ever found out, can she make me go? If I refuse how would they make me? Call the cops or something? o.o

And If I'm 18 can they do anything?


Please, don't tell me to stop. It's how I hold myself together, I don't tell anyone so it's not bothering anyone, it makes me feel better, I'm careful when I do it and I don't scar that bad. So there's no reason to stop, and lots not to.

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    Yes, but for a limited time. A doctor can put a 72 hour hold on you if you are a harm to self or others. They won't necessarily send you to a psych ward, it could just be a regular hospital to stabilize the situation.

    They will evaluate you each day. For example, if at 24 hours you are no longer a harm to yourself or others, they must legally release the psych hold. After 72 hours, if you are still a harm to self or others, they can keep you.

    I work in a hospital and I have seen this play out several times (in Ohio, USA)

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    you can be forced (sectioned) either way.

    Sectioning means being taken to hospital, and detained and usually treated against your will. It is referred to as sectioning because it is legal under a section of the Mental Health Act. This can obviously be a very frightening experience for someone already distressed by severe mental illness. For their loved ones however to be sure at last their relatives are getting the treatment they need that they are in a place of safety may be seen as a huge relief. For mental health professionals, sectioning is always someone to try top be avoided. But is done when they think the dangers for a person remain without treatments are too great.

    There are 5 commonly used sections each designed for different circumstances.


    If a doctor wants to act quickly to stabilise a situation they might use an emergency section 4 to detain someone for up to 72 hours for assessment only.

    SECTION 136

    If a person appears to be mentally ill and in need of care, and out of control in a public place, then a senior police officer can authorise Section 136. So the person can be taken to a place of safety, usually a hospital.


    There are times when a person needs to be assessed in a safe therapeutic environment before treatment is commenced, usually when they first come in to contact with services. At these times a section 2 would be appropriate.

    This requires 2 doctors and an approved mental health professional and it lasts up to 28 days.

    SECTION 5.2

    When a person who is already in a psychiatric ward voluntarily but then withdraws their consent to the treatment program, if the doctors feel that this decision places either them or others at risk , they maybe placed on a section 5.2

    This last up to 72 hours to allow for a proper reassessment of the situation.


    When an appropriate treatment plan has been formulated, then Section 3 may be used. This requires 2 doctors and an approved mental health professional, this last up to 6 months and enables treatments, usually medication. Treatments such as ECT (Electro convulsive therapy) can not be used without another thorough assessment


    If a person is in hospital on a treatment section, they can be discharged in to the community and still remain on section, on a community treatment order. This requires a responsible clinician, an approved mental health professional and most importantly the patients consent.

    Once in the community if the patient does not comply with their treatment program they can be recalled to hospital

  • The really long answer you received isn't necessarily correct. As long as you aren't a death threat to yourself or a harm threat to anyone else, no, they can't (and usually won't) do anything, especially not against your will. They'll talk to you, probably try and consult you with a therapist, and send you on your way.

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    My mom took me to the hospital, and then they took me to a behavioral hospital.

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