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Would you ever be persuaded to listen to an album off the beauty of the album cover?

BQ: Would you want to listen to this album based on the cover?

BQ2: How about this?

BQ3: B/S: Illustration album covers are GOAT?

Update 2:

@cage, dunno yet bro. Just came across these covers when I was looking up DFD's wiki page. He's one of my favorite rappers and he has connections with those artists featured on those covers above. Let me know what you think of them though if you have the time. ^_^

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    "Don't judge a book by its cover."

    I'd give it a listen just so I know I'm not missing out on anything, but I wouldn't judge it by its album cover.

    BQ: Yeah, that looks fascinating.

    BQ2: Yeah, that's a really well-done album cover too.

    BQ3: Sell. It depends on whether the album cover isn't corny and whether it reflects the concept of the album.

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    3 years ago

    i assume, each now and then ther'll be an album cover that catches my eye interior the shop by a rapper i by no potential heard of, i think of the album cover could desire to replicate the temper of the album fairly however, for occasion Tech N9ne ok.O.D very horror form album cover matching the subject precisely Soulja Boy: a regular version of the mainstream rapper that the international is commencing off to show against, thank god so a flashy albu m cover that tries too complicated to make up for the reality his no longer attempting in any respect BQ: i fairly mentioned all approximately it already yet my fave album cover should be Illmatic that's additionally my fave album

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    If its an artist i dont know about i might give them a try based off the album artwork

    BQ: Yes and because i know about Thirsty Fish not just based off the cover

    BQ: Yes and kinda da same reason as the first BQ i know about Mike Eagle and its a dope cover

    BQ3: Buy i like artwork that are nicely drawn or painted they look cool

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    Eh sometimes I am. Content > Sexiness of album artwork.

    BQ: Yeah, looks dope.

    BQ2: Interesting, I'll youtube these cats.

    BQ3: Buy x 10

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  • 8 years ago

    I could care less about album covers

    If I like the artist or hear good things about it I listen to it.

  • 8 years ago

    BQ: I'll check out some songs on YT first. Is it good?

    BQ2: [2]

    BQ3: Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy. Illustrated and scenic are GOAT.

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    8 years ago

    Nahh, i normally judge the albums i listen to based on what others say about it. before i actually give it a spin

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    BQ: Yeah, that's dope. I'ma check those out, (hopefully the music is as good as the covers are).

    BQ2: Yes actually...

    BQ3: Buy.

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