Likeness of a Holocaust Cloak?

I recently came across the term "Holocaust Cloak", which is, apparently, coined from the movie "The Princess Bride"(1987). This item, however, is also in a game of some type. Either way, the object is a full body cloak of sorts which is generally made to conceal the identity of the wearer (and/or for the purpose of protection).

I would enjoy having a piece of clothing like this, but the search result "Holocaust Cloak" returns no results on online shopping sites or even major search engines. Is there another name for something similar to this or am I just out of luck?

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    The term "Holocaust Cloak" is from the movie "The Princess Bride". The main character, Westley, wishes for one when he and his friends are making plans to storm the evil prince's castle. It has nothing to do with the Jewish Holocaust of WW2.

    According to WoWWiki <, a holocaust cloak is another name for a cloak of flames. It is a heavy garment that is meant to ignite, either due to the rage of the wearer as punishment, or on command from the wearer as protection against attackers.

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    Holocaust Cloak - From The Princess Bride

    "What I wouldn't give for a Holocaust Cloak!" - Westley, The Princess Bride

    A Holocaust Cloak is by all appearances a standard, full-body covering cloak with a hood. However, it has been magically prepared to be almost totally resistant to fire for a time, as well as empower the user with an impressive ability. Once donned, the cloak can be set alight and it will immediately catch and begin to blaze with a bright reddish orange flame - almost the same color and heat as the breath of a Red Dragon. Any who attack the wearer of the cloak must save versus magic or suffer 2d8 points of damage from the flames, and any weapon they strike with must make a saving throw or be damaged as well!

    The fire will gutter out after six rounds, but during that time, if the wearer approaches any creature of 1 hit die or less, each must save versus magic or flee in terror. It helps if the wearer of the cloak pronounces doom and destruction upon those whom he is confronting. The wearer takes no damage whatsoever from the cloak's flames, nor from any *normal* fire-based attacks (e.g., flaming oil) attempted against him. Magic based fire attacks such as Burning Hands will do normal damage unless a saving throw (when appropriate) is made.

    The cloak totally consumes itself in the fire. When it is not alight, the cloak behaves as a normal cloak and imparts no other benefits whatsoever. If it is struck by a normal fire-based weapon, it will catch fire; magic based fire has an equal chance of destroying it as all cloth items.

    Creation of a Holocaust Cloak requires the blood of a Salamander, cloth knit from a Fire-Giant's hair, and an additional 1000 g.p. worth of materials to be determined by the Dungeon Master.


    Degree in History (focus Jewish studies) and Spanish, New Mexico State U. 1990

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