Anything cool i can do in the Army?

im infantry, PFC as of right now, but im on profile because of epilepsy (complex partial, meaning jus staring siezures) and i was held back from deployment but i should be off profile in april, is there anything cool at all i can do when im off profile to make up for not deploying cause apart from all the bullshit i like the army and i wanna do my job or at least something cool if i stay in for my contract or longer, and when i say cool i mean like schools or doin stuff in different countries incase i never get to say i deployed to afghanistan, so please help me out and if ur gonna say stuff like "how the hell did you get in with epilepsy" and nothin helpful please dont say anything ive gotton that enough already

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    There's not much you're going to be able to do, esp as a PFC. Being that seizures is long-term condition, you will probably end up with a P3 profile, which means you will have to go through a med board. You can't PCS while going through a med board, and for seizures, even your type, it's very probable that you'll be discharged. Instead of thinking of what you can do in the military, you need to get your TA form signed by your commander and start taking college classes so that if you get discharged, you'll have at least something out of the military.

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