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Is Guild Wars 2 out yet?

Is Guild Wars 2 out yet, and if not when is the release date?

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    No, Guild Wars 2 is not out yet, and ArenaNet/NCSoft have not announced a release date yet. The only thing they have said, is "When It's Done", because they want the game to be the very best it can be, and they will take whatever time they need to make it so. Right now they themselves don't even know exactly how long this will take, so all dates you see on other sites (like IGN and Amazon) are pure speculation, and are only placeholders until the real releasedate is announced.

    Guild Wars 2 is currently in closed alpha testing phase, and the closed beta test should also start before the end of the year (no applications are accepted for these, it's friends and family only - do NOT trust sites that claim to give you access to the beta; they are fake!). The results of those tests will determine how much more time ArenaNet needs to finish the game.

    They have stated that there will be a public beta closer to the releasedate, but when that will be, is also still unknown, and also depends on the outcome of the closed beta. Within the guild wars fan community, most people believe it will be early 2012, but there is no way to be sure.

    Your best bet is, to keep an eye on the official guild wars 2 site and on the arenanet blog. Both the public beta and the release date will definitely be announced there.

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    No , the game looks like its set to be released around Jan-Feb depending on how well their beta goes.

    They have not given a release date yet for that very reason.

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    No, and the release date hasn't been announced yet. Best guess is sometime between December and March.

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    there is not any launch date, i'm uncertain why gamestop could help you comprehend in any different case. The beta is beginning this summer season. How quickly after that the hobby would be released is hard to assert, possibly by potential of Christmas if we are fortunate.

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