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genealogy "Gladys Thomas"?

My grandfathers mother was blood related to Native Americans. Her name was Gladys Thomas (maiden name). I've been told the line goes back to Black Foot. I'm trying to figure out which tribe so I can learn more about my ancestors.

There are Thomas born in the Black Foot Nation during the 1860-90s.

That is all I have so far. If anyone can help I would be grateful.


I have very little information due to family issues between my grandfather and his mothers side of the family (the Native American side).

Gladys Thomas had a brother (unkown name), Husband Robert Cady, Son Robert Cady. There maybe more in that group, but those are what I know. I don't want to go farther in this direction of history, due to it getting too close to me :)

Update 2:

She lived the last part of her life in Eustace Texas (gladys) with Robert Cady caring for her. Robert Cady lived in Lancaster for many years as a photographer. That is all I have :(

Update 3:

Her son Robert Cady, not her husband. The husband died while they were still living in Lancaster Texas, much earlier. She (gladys) lived to a pretty old age, although I don't know exactly. Robert (the son) died couple of years ago, a year after his we Martha died. They had moved to Canada to get health care.

Update 4:

Yes, I might be confused between ruby and gladys. Ruby is related.

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    In SSDI a Robert Cady b. 1906 d. 1980 last address Lancaster, Dallas County Texas. Are you sure her names is Gladys? I find a Ruby L. Cady b. 1910 d. 1995 last address Eustace, Henderson County, TX.

    but TX Death Index has this Ruby Cady d. in Kaufman County.

    SSDI to look up yourself (your dad and Martha also listed) :

    If this Ruby is your grandmother, then order a copy of her SSN application (instructions on search results page) for her parents names also you can order a copy of death certificate (from Kaufman Co), it may not have parents names.

    Just trace back as far as you can to find if any BMD records that mention any Native American ancestors, and keep in mind it might be a female married to a Thomas that the connection originates.

    Source(s): Ancestry.
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    For anyone to help you, you will need to supply States, Counties, and Cities as well as an estimated year or even decade in order to produce any kind of results. You may want to check out Cyndi's List to see if there is anything there that can help your quest.

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    When and where did she live? Children? Did Gladys come from Montana? Where did Robert live?

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