How do you win a last man standing match on smackdown vs raw 2008?

I'm playing with shawn michaels, and im facing edge in a last man stainding match, and ive done like ten sweet chin musics and hes been bloody for a while, and ive hit him with chairs, stairs, and everything else, but i dont know how to get the ref to count.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Wow 10 Sweet chin Musics, you must really want to win.

    Well in a Last Man Standing match your going to have to beat your opponent good so that he is hurt and clearly shows it while your facing him then you can do your finisher on him to knock him to the ground. Then just sit back and leave him there and in a few seconds the referee will start to count to 10. If he gets up smack him around some more so the referee can recount and you can win.

    If this doesn't work it is probably a glitch in the game.

    Good Luck!

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  • Ruth
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    4 years ago

    you have to knock out your oponent so that the ref will go for a 10 count and if your oponent doesn't get up, then you win the match

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  • 9 years ago

    A block of cement shud do the trick xD

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