Do these religious characters and their conspiracy sound good?

Pastor Uriah Matthews-the head of a secret organization called the Priory of Zion, a religious-based group bent on quickening the Rapture and the Second Coming and the End Times. The Priory is combined with Catholicism and Protestantism. He's a zealous, determined, proud man who has a fascination with death; ever since he was a child he loved being among Church graveyards, loved the revelations and dreamed of being in the final battle. He seems to have thanatophilia.

Ophelia Coalt-the second in command of the Priory, a lawyer, conservative social commenter, a devout Catholic and practitioner of Hagliomancy (divination through holy relics). She blindly believes in the preachings of Matthews despite her own beliefs, she is either unable or unwilling to see any contradiction. She is ecstatic, optimistic to a fault, bigoted, callous and an antifeminist.

Egbert Campbell-the Priory's Evangelical Chaplain and numerologist. He looks like a elderly gentleman but his mind is filled with fire and brimstone, and his heart is filled with rigidness and self-righteousness. He also practices Christian Biblical Hermeneutics.

Tommy Kirkpatrick-a former atheist now-turned Fundamentalist Evangelist. He studies Bibliomancy (divination through the bible) and is the Priory's spy and writer. He supports creationism and firmly against evolution. He's clever, bisexual, anti-catholic, nosy, stubborn, vain and a bit chauvinistic.

Chaim Hassid-a Jewish Kabbalist, Ultra-Zionist and rabbinical scholar. He joined the Priory in hopes of bringing the promised Messiah of the Jews. He practices the Jewish Biblical Hermeneutics. He is secretive and aggressive.

Fadi Obeid-an Islamic eschatologist, archaeologist and weapons supplier. He joined the Priory as well in hopes of defeating the enemies of Islam. He is mannerly but shrewd and arrogant.

Timmy Jackson Hicks-the Priory's cartoonist and reporter; a tough-loving, homophobic, loudmouth bible-thumping, mean-spirited eunuch who prefers the King James Bible alone.

Ray & Lucita Garcia-a Latin-American couple, Lucita is a computer geek and Ray is a theist scientist and doctor. Both fully support the Priory and will fight for the love of their faith. Lucita is cautious, clever, firm and ruthless; Ray is grudgeful and fallacious but awkward.

Benedict Normans-the captain of the Priory soldiers and hitman. A sadistic and irritable practicing Catholic who shows no remorse in killing 'sinners' or any obstacle in the Priory's way.

Octavia Bocaletti-an Italian beauty who serves as the Priory's seductive spy and eyes. She believed that blessings from the Pope would allow her to use her body to get what she wants. She's a treacherous femme fatale, one filled with softness yet jealousy and zealousness and spite.


Enemies have one thing in common, another enemy

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  • Linda
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    9 years ago
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    Terrific imagination! Why aren't you writing books?

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  • 9 years ago

    The descriptions can only be described as story cancer. They are ridiculous.

    For instance, one cannot be a devout Catholic and a "hagiomancer", as that is heresy of the highest degree even with good intentions, white magic, a violation of the first commandment. A Priory is also a monastery, these sound like pretty messed up monks and nuns.

    "Quickening the Rapture"??? Not only does the Church deem belief in the Rapture heretical, but any attempt at quickening the end-times is also heretical as they have already been pre-ordained.

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  • 9 years ago

    history tells us religions have been battling it out for centuries how do you expect to get all these characters in a room together let alone conspire to end the world

    im not going to BS you but to be honest these seem like cartoon charicatures even worse than that philip pullmann books

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