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.357 mag or .45 acp side arm for grizzly bear hunting?

I am going on a griz hunt and can't afford a different pistol. The 357 is a s&w 686 plus-1 and the 45 is an H and K USP with a 12 shot clip

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    Go for the 686. The barrel isn't as blocky as the USP's so it shouldn't hurt as much when the bear jams it up your ***.

    In all seriousness, a .357 with the hottest loads out there is only marginally effective against a grizzly. It would be akin to using a .25 Auto in a 250lb crackhead. You still have a 99% of pissing it off even more and getting mauled.

    As for the .45 Auto...forget about it. Even 230gr +P+ FMJ is going to penetrate terribly and won't hit anything vital unless you manage to hit it in the eye socket (which shouldn't happen because you shouldn't be aiming for the bear's head).

    As someone said before, if you can afford to HUNT grizzly you can afford a .454 Casull, .460 S&W or .500 S&W. Better yet, go get yourself a rifle. A Marlin 1895 with some hotter-than-hell .45-70 works wonders with large bears.

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    Carrying a pistol is probably a waste of time and energy when hunting grizzly bear. First, you really don't want to get close enough that you'd need your pistol. I assume you are hunting with a rifle. If you're not hunting with a rifle then don't go grizzly bear hunting. Period. I've hunted them twice, both times in Alaska using a .375 H & H. The first one I shot was at a distance of less than 100 yards. It dropped like a stone. The guide made me put another shot in it, which I did. The second was just a bit over 100 yards and again, the guide made me put in a second shot. "Insurance" the guide said. It never occurred to me to carry a pistol. We did a lot of walking, a pistol would have been cumbersome and useless. That's my opinion. If you're insistent on hunting grizzly with a pistol, neither of your suggested rounds would be safe.

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    4 years ago

    45 Acp Grizzly

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    Your rifle.

    But between the pistols you NEVER want to use .45 ACP. My hunter's education teacher that he once took aim at a boar with one and the bullet bounced right off. Your rifle will always be the best bet you have, but I would take the .357 mag when hunting ANY big game animal.

    Good luck and happy hunting!

    Source(s): me hunter's ed
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    Are you on the US Olympic shooting team? If you are a good enough shot to hunt grizzlies with a .357 or a .45 ACP, you should really be going to the Olympics. I'll watch for the funeral announcement.

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    Can you afford to go on a "griz hunt"?

    I would be more worried about my primary weapon-if I were bear hunting. But I'm not.

    Probably the 45 would be better if you use fmj, not jhp. You definitely want penetration here, and 12 rounds would be better than 6.

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    9 years ago

    If you can afford to hunt grizzly you can afford to get a decent side arm.

    Go with nothing less than a .44,preferably a .460 .454 or smith and wesson 500

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    Either one will work just fine. When Mr. Grizzly is within several feet simply put your pistol up to your head and take the quick and painless way out of the situation you are in.

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    Id take the smith and wesson

  • Chase
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    .454 casull will knock you on you A$$. its got more muzzle jump than most any gun. But carry it with you just in case

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