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Where should I buy Juan Valdez Coffee?

I'm going to BOG, where's the best place to buy Juan Valdez coffee? The least expensive one. Im not sure if I should buy it at the airport, a mall or a supermarketJ


I also would like to know how much does it cost... I don't want to be fooled

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    Hi there

    You can buy Juan Valdez cofee at several Juan Valdez coffee stores with several locations around Bogota. Here are some of the locations:

    -Américas Outlet, Bogotá, Colombia, Av Américas No. 60-56 Local 217

    -Andino - Barra Bogotá, Colombia Cra.11 No.82-71 Local 410

    -Atlantis Bogotá, Colombia C.C.Atlantis Plaza, Calle 81 No.13-05 1r.Piso

    -Autopista con 125 Bogotá, Colombia Calle 125 No. 21A-71 local 2

    -Avenida Chile Bogotá, Colombia Calle 73 No. 10-83 Plazoleta exterior

    -Bulevar Barra Bogotá, Colombia Cra. Av. 58 Nr.127-59

    -Cafam Floresta Bogotá, Colombia Cra.48 F No. 96-50, Piso 2

    -CAN Bogotá, Colombia Calle 44 No.50-96

    -Candelaria Bogotá, Colombia Calle 11 No.4-15 / Museo Banco de la Repúblic

    -Candelaria Centro Cultural Bogotá, Colombia Cra.6 No.11-20

    If you want just the bag with the coffee to prepare it yourself you can buy it at the supermarkets: Carrefour or Exito (you can easily recognize them around the whole city)

    I know there is currently a plan for Macdonalds to sell Juan Valdez coffee but i dont think they do it yet.

    Have a nice trip. Hope this helped

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    Don't worry....there are Juan Valdez coffee stores in every mall in the city --- you'll have a hard time avoiding them. They're like Starbucks is in many U.S. cities....if there's a popular gathering throughfare, busy mall, busy airport, there will be a Juan Valdez location.

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  • 9 years ago

    Juan Valdez is genuine coffee only from COLOMBIA. Over the years many companies have used the Juan Valdez mark and it guarantees that all the coffee in the package is really from Colombia.

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