what is the story behind barcelona and madrid ?

i heard theres history between these 2 cities and football teams that has to do with history ? did something happen between them ?

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    Madrid is the capital of Spain. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. It has to do with identity.

    Taken from the Wikipedia:

    The Barcelona and Real Madrid clubs have long been politically charged, and elections to Barcelona FC presidency are still strongly politicized. As early as the 1930s, Barcelona "had developed a reputation as a symbol of Catalan pride and identity, opposed to the centralising tendencies of Madrid". In 1936, when Francisco Franco started the golpe against the democratic Second Spanish Republic, the president of Barcelona FC Josep Sunyol was arrested and executed by Franco's security police. (Sunyol was exercising his political activities, visiting Republican troops north of Madrid. The Barcelona FC was on top of the list of organizations to be purged by Franco's troops, just after Communists, Anarchists and Separatists.

    During the Franco dictatorship, most citizens of Barcelona were in strong opposition to the fascist-like régime. Phil Ball, the author of Morbo: The Story of Spanish Football, calls the El Clásico "a re-enactment of the Spanish Civil War". A similar analogy was made by American author Robert Coover, which described the 1977 match between the "archrivals" Barcelona FC and Real Club Deportivo Español as "more like a reenactment of the Spanish Civil War than a mere athletic event.

    Though the first socialist party in Spain was founded in Madrid, almost all the ideas that have shaped the country's modern history – republicanism, federalism, anarchism, syndicalism and communism – have been introduced via the region of Catalonia, of which Barcelona is the capital.During the dictatorships of Miguel Primo de Rivera and of Francisco Franco, all regional languages and identities were frowned upon and restrained. In this period FC Barcelona gained their motto més que un club (English: More than a club) because of its alleged connection to progressive beliefs and its representative role for Catalonia.However, during Franco's regime, the blaugrana team seemed to be granted profit due to its good relationship with the dictator at management level.

    The links between senior Real Madrid representatives and the Franquist regime were undeniable;for most of the Catalans, and many other Spaniards as well, Real Madrid was regarded as the establishment club, in spite of the fact that during the Spanish Civil War, presidents of both clubs like Josep Sunyol and Rafael Sánchez Guerra, suffered in the Spanish Civil War. This image was further negatively affected by the creation, in 1980, of the fascist-leaning Real Madrid hooligan group'.

    Source(s): I am from Barcelona, Catalonia (not Spain)
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    it quite is almost impossible to conquer Barcelona at abode. The final time they lost on the Camp Nou grow to be on 11 September 2010 against Hércules C.F. So Barcelona have a ninety% possibility of triumphing this activity despite formation Mourinho makes use of. each each so often the sport may additionally bring about a draw (9%) yet i don't think of actual Madrid will win it. So I assume a 2-0 or a three-a million score for Barcelona.

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  • 9 years ago

    There is a rivalry between barca n r.m called el clasico just like in prem. Leag LFC n MU

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  • 9 years ago

    "Cruyff (Dutch) became highly successful as manager of Ajax ( Dutch) and later FC Barcelona; he remains an influential advisor to both clubs...--->who referee the game Barcelona_ FCporto- a Dutch referee!!!!)

    Unicef is the Barcelona sponsor ,....Şenes Erzik Uefa vice president--> He worked in a diverse range of careers ....., as a project manager for FAO/UNICEFFAO/UNICE!!???

    More facts: check the games- red cards, penalties in the last minute, other penalties, diving, barcelona cryings,.


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