If Lucian Bute loses his undefeated streak to Ward, Froach or Kessler would he end up just like Steve Molitor?

BQ:] All seriousness here if Lucian Bute someway or another loses his undefeated

winning streak to Andre Ward, Carl Froach, Mikkel Kessler or perhaps even Andre

Dirrell if he's cured from his neurological medical condition as a result of the Arthur

Abraham fight. The question I'm asking here is would he end up like the "Canadian

Kid' Steve Molitor you remember Steve Molitor the former IBF Super Bantamweight

Champion he was (28-0) with 11 KO's before he lost to Celestino Caballero former

WBA/IBF Super Bantamweight Champion of the World, a very underrated boxer at

Super Bantamweight he called out Rafael Marquez, Juan Manuel Lopez, Vasquez

Israel Vasquez to fight him at Super Bantamweight and at one point he was one of

the most avoided people in boxing anyway this guy traveled up there to Canada he

knocked out Steve Molitor in four rounds and won Steve's IBF Super Bantamweight

title. Now I'm not saying that any of these boxers are going to knock him out what I

am saying is that any of these quality premium opponents listed above do have the

heart and potential to go up to travel to Canada and win a hard fought good decision.

No bashing please, give respectful answers and also, there's a few other questions.




BQ2:] Besides Librado Andrade, Sakio Bika, William Joppy and Edison Miranda

who are some of the other fair to decent opponents that Lucian Bute has fought?

Update 2:

On November 21, 2008 Steve Molitor fought Celestino "Pelenchin" Caballero

in his province of Ontario, Canada, Celestino Caballero knocked Molitor out,

via 4th Round TKO. After that loss he wasn't the same boxer sure he won a

few bouts against lesser opponents and won back IBF Super Bantamweight

Championship however, Steve Molitor again lost that belt on March 26, 2011

to an unknown opponent Takalani Ndlovu. They've got a few similarities and

a few differences the main difference compared to Lucian Bute he's a much

better boxer than Steve Molitor. All I'm saying is that history repeats itself.


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    I admit, it's hard NOT to bash, given that Canadian judges have shown to be biased in favor of their guys in the past, but I will say this - Bute's style is tailor made for Ward, who is simply too slick, too skilled, to lose to someone like like Bute, who, while good, isn't great and will be hit all fight by Ward. Bute vs. Froch or Kessler will be fight of the year candidates, given the fighting styles of each, though it must be noted Froch has very good boxing skill when he chooses to use it (watch his bout with Arthur Abraham if you need proof).

    BQ2 - Jean Paul Mendy, who I feel never truly recovered from being fouled by Sakio Bika, who hit Mendy when he was down. Jesse Brinkley was another, based mainly on his win against Curtis Stevens. And you are right, I can very easily see this happening - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoVR_gzYuFI

    Youtube thumbnail

    - ESPECIALLY if Bute faces Ward.

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    Lucien Bute is a different fighter than Steve Molitor. He lost by KO in his amateur days but rebounded from it and still undefeated in the pro. Steve Molitor doesn't have the heart to compete that is required in boxing. If Bute loss to Ward, Froch or Kessler, I am definitely sure that he can come back from it and become a better fighter. Bute won a questionable decision against Andrade when they first fought but came back impressively beating Librado by stoppage the second time they met. These two are two different fighters that can not be compared. One with a questionable heart and one is a proven competitor with ability to employ an effective game plan.

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    Yes he would

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    why what happened to steve molior? since you failed to add that!!!!!!!!!

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