how to research with insects?

hey guys i am now days Pretty much interested in insects and i want to keep them and learn about them i want to start with cockroaches where should i keep them how much of space does a cockroach need and what do they eat how should i keep them alive for longtime and same for the beetles found in ground and also for snails

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    9 years ago
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    Insects are easy to keep IF you know what they eat.

    Cockroaches are the simplest of all, especially since they will eat almost anything. But, whatever you do, do not keep them IN THE HOUSE. If they were to get loose, they could contaminate your home very quickly, and they are VERY hard to get rid of. Keep them in a Terrarium, at room temperature, and make sure they have fresh water in a shallow dish. Feed them small amounts of your dinner left overs, like bread, cheese, fruit, etc, etc, etc. Put moist soil, leaves, and stones on the floor of their cage.

    Other insects can be kept, but you MUST supply them with the proper food. The food they specialize in eating. The cage you would need for them would depend on the species.

    Snails are also very easy to keep. Keep them in a terrarium. Put some green leaves and a few rocks on moist soil for them. Feed the snails lettuce and some ground up egg shells from your mom's fried eggs. The egg shells provide the snails with the calcium they need for their shells. Slugs, of course, don't need it.

    If you have specific questions about specific insects or Mollusks, email me and I'll do the best I can to help.


    Source(s): Professional Wildlife Cinematographer, Photographer, & Naturalist.
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