Drug test.............?

I may take drug test, how many days does lyrica(pregapalin) and Kodelak (Codelacum) stay in your system after you take it? they both are illegal in my country so I need true answers.

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  • Kate
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    8 years ago
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    Well, I use to take Lyrica and since it's a drug to control seizure and nerve pain it's never tested for in basic urine screens. You can request it be tested for, but this is an add on to the basic drug screen. You should be okay on this one.

    As for the Kodelak, I'm not sure. Apparently, people will take alot of them because it produces effects similar to Codeine. However, some countries sell it over the counter, so I'm sure it's not an opiate, and therefore wouldn't be tested for in a standard urine screen.

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