what is capacitive, resistive touch screens?

Along with the answer of above i have some Other queries

I've also heard of feather touch. what does this mean now?

I-phone's has a fingerprint scanner(i heard it too) . What type of glass does it use for this purpose?

Another question what is Amoled screen and how is Guerrila (hope its the spelling) glass tough?

Is there any other kind of screen available_If yes then mention it too

thnx in advance guys!!!

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    9 years ago
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    capactitive touch screen is much better than resistive touch screen.

    the capacitive touch screen panel is much higher sensitivity than resistive, we only need a finger or conductive object on the screen surface gently touch, capacitive screens can react immediately, but the resistive screen need more resistance, maybe you need to press the screen down to get a reaction.

    Capacitive multi-touch screen universal support, resistive screen is usually only support a single point.

  • 6 years ago

    complicated subject. look in yahoo and bing. it could help!

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