Does Dawsonville, GA have a diversion program?

Hello. I was recently caught shoplifting from a Walmart in Dawsonville, GA. It was for $47 worth of merchandise, and this is my first offense. I have been told that it's being charged as a misdemeanor. I am also 18 years old. I am very nervous about what my sentence might be, and if Dawsonville, GA has a Diversion Program. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Matt

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  • trai
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    8 years ago
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    Yes, Dawson County Court has a pretrial diversion program. If you complete the program by paying the fine and court costs and staying out of trouble for six months, the case will be adjudicated as "nolle prosequied" (dismissed). If you qualify, the option will be offered at the arraignment. (Or you can ask.)

    Good luck.

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