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Alice in wonderland VS Through the looking glass?

Okay so for a project i have to get peoples opioions on the movie (2010) vs the book of alice in wonderland. It has to be a paragraph. Its a compare project thats why i need peoples thoughts. due next week please help.

-brief plot summary without giving away the ending

-cant be too specfic but has to make sence

-explore the differences between the movie and book


Once its due i send the link to my teacher so she can see that i did the project.

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  • 10 years ago
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    To put my opinion simply, I hated the movie. Most versions of Alice in Wonderland have greatly disappointed me. I find that the books and movies are always radically different from one another. In the movies they tend to combine the Through the Looking Glass characters with the ones from Alice in Wonderland, which are two completely different story lines.

    AiW was written by Lewis Carroll(aka Charles Dodgson) when he was still happy, so the book feels lighter and childish, where as in the sequel it feels heavy and at times heart wrenching, for at that point Lewis had already lost everything he held dear and he was in mourning.

    the 2010 movie was directed by Tim Burton so it naturally is even stranger then the books. Also Alice in the movie is much older then she was in the book and the events in the movie take place years after the Original storyline. So comparing the books and movie is like comparing a dog to an elephant.

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