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Immigration to Canada, salary level for CEC?

My friend is applying under the Canadian Experience Class and is concerned about salary requirements. She has worked in a supervisory position in a B.C. restaurant for 13 months. Her monthly base salary is $2000, or about $2500 with tips. I don't have the exact information yet on her hourly base wage but it appears to be around $10 per hour as implied by her application. Her lawyer told her that her application is acceptable, but someone else said that she is not earning enough. She has earned a business management diploma from a public polytechnic university in B.C.

Her questions are:

1) Is a salary of $2000 per month or $24000 per year sufficient for CEC, or is it not set in stone?

2) Do tips count toward her monthly level of salary?


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    The minimum wage rate in BC is currently $8.75 so $10 is a good interval above that. and NO tips are NOT counted towards her monthly salary level. These amounts are current and correct as of June 2011

    Tips or gratuities are not wages. Employees must be paid at least minimum wage in addition to any tips or gratuities they receive.

    The person who mentioned this is probably looking at Ontario Minimum wage which is currently $10.25. I live in Ontario and I think that $2000 per month is GOOD.

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