Air Force TACP questions?

I have some more questions

Why do most fail training for TACP? What does the training compare too? What should i aim for physically before i go to bmt to do well in tacp training?

Can you join the Air Force with a certian job and then go tacp? like i would want to be an aerial gunner if i flunked tacp school.

What training is required besides the tech school?

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. Because they are not fit enough

    2. The closet would be Army RASP

    3. You should be able to do

    Run 5 miles daily 7 min per mile pace

    100 push ups in two Min's

    100 sit ups in two Min's

    6 dead hang pull ups

    You should be doing multiple sets of calisthenics, 3 times per week, running 5 miles 5 days per week

    IE: 5 sets of push ups, sit ups, pull ups, jumping jacks, burpees

    You need long term physical endurance

    People get to tied up into what the minimum TACP past score is, but PT is much harder than what the PAST test is

    4. yes you can cross train into TACP after 35 months time in service.

    5. If you washout of TACP ( it has a 40% failure rate )

    You do NOT get to choose what you do next

    Actually the way the Air Force is today, if you washout of tech school, you are separated from the Air Force, you do not get to retrain into another AFSC.

    6, After Tech School, you must complete your 5 level upgrade training

    That means your CDC's - career development courses ( think advanced self study tech school )

    And your OJT - on the job training , which will take from 6 months to a year, where the NCO assigned to train you, signs you off as capable of performing all the duties of the AFSC>

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Aim for the best that is what I am doing 65 pushups in 2 min 77 sit-ups 2 min 1.5 miles in 8.55 min if using a treadmill run at 11.5

    Yes if you pass bmt and fail special forces they will usually give you some job choices but may not be what you want

    Training will be provided for more visit

    Good luck brother

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