What Model # Might This eMachines Be?

I have an opportunity to do an even trade, my HP laptop for the following desktop:

Emachine 2010 desktop

Intel Pentium E5800 Processor

Nvidia 7600 graphics card

DVD Supermulti media drive

750 Gb hard Drive

4 GB Ram

I have looked on eMachines website and can't find a model that matches these fe given specs. I want to be sure it will run my audio/video recording software in my home studio. Does anyone know what model this might be?

Thank You


Mike...That's the only other possibility. I know it was new in November 2010. I am trying to figure out if it's DDR2 or DDR3?Don't have any experience with DDR3 RAM

Are the Processor and Graphic card decent?

Thanks again!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    need a spec for the system really, but E5800 is a 3.2 wolfdale dual-core, so you shouldn't have problems with audio/video recording!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    eMachine does not use a year for a model number in general. That in itself would make it difficult to find. You need the model and serial number that is on a label on the computer case. It should be a fairly decent computer, being less than a Year old. The models will start with a T or a W and four digitls. The hardware information would not be useful in finding what the Model of the eMachine is.

  • 9 years ago

    Chances are the guy customized it so you can't find the model.

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