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What is the history of Asian slavery in Mexico?

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    MEXICO CITY — About 100,000 Asian slaves were brought to Mexico by the Manila galleons through the centuries, a dark side of the trade that has not been explored by historians. The slaves were captured by Spanish and Portuguese traders in India, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mindanao, loaded on the galleons in Manila and transported to Acapulco. The notable Mexicans of definite Filipino roots are Isidoro Montes de Oca, Francisco Mongoy, Faustina Benitez, and Jose Santiago Garcia. Montes de Oca and Mongoy served as brigade commanders under General Vicente Guerrero during the struggle for independence in 1810. Montes de Oca became a general. A grandson of Mongoy named Arturo fought in the Philippines as a fighter pilot in World War II as part of a contingent sent by President Manual Camacho of Mexico.

    In 1565, Chinese sailors arrived in the Americas aboard Spanish ships: A number of Chinese and Filipino crewmen jumped ship after being forced to work as slave labor on the Manila Galleons, transporting cargoes of Chinese luxury goods to Acapulco, Mexico. Some of these Chinese former sailors became small-store owners in Mexico by the 1600s; some allegedly moved north towards modern-day Louisiana; Chinese shopkeepers were already in Los Angeles when the first Anglo-Americans arrived.,blogs,forums/anti...

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    Asian slavery in Mexico? I am a huge history buff and yet I have never heard of "asian slavery" in Mexico. The land that is now Mexico had different types of slavery throughout history, from the Aztecs taking over other tribes to the enslavement of the native populace by the Spanish. Perhaps you misread something somewhere.

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