What trends do you foresee in the power struggles between Wikipedia administrators?

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  • Moses
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    9 years ago
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    In a general sense, the same trends as always, surely - namely, an increased tendency towards arrogance, hypocrisy, deception, political backstabbing, and power-mongering. If that's all you were asking, then you should ask tougher questions!

    However, I suspect you're referring to an increased tendency towards morality-based conflict between Wikipedia's old-guard "free culture" types, who are short-term thinkers and want a complete lack of restrictions on their activities, and some of the newer admins who think more in the long term and can see the value of having some degree of accountability and social responsibility. If so, that's a better question, and it will be interesting to see which group (if any) gains precedence and whether or not they can maintain it, but I'd have to say the actual trend is still towards increased arrogance, hypocrisy, deception, political backstabbing, and power-mongering.

  • 4 years ago

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