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why do you have to wait 72 hours to wet hair after keratin treatment? what will happen if hair gets wet?

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    The salon SHOULD have educated you about your perm, and explained them to you WHY & why nots and proper methods to care for your hair.

    Give them a call.

    You paid $300-$400 for your hair, and if you want the chemicals to sink in, it's best to wait.

    But I would NOT have suggested keratin. First of all the FDA do not approve keratin. Visit their website & search for it in their web. If you're thinking about the Brazilian treatment, there's a danger about using formaldehyde, a chemical that causes cancer. The FDA does not restrict the use of that chemical in cosmetics.

    Relaxers Warning: they're not permanent, that's $300 - $500 each time you get them done. One I responded, she had hers done in March and this is now May when she posted it? It is a billion dollar business, and they do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to 'abuse', in this case, cancer.

    Google Permanently straightening hair warning, about 7,410,000 results (0.08 seconds) , more warnings during the last months. I've been posting about them since 2009. Canada had issued a public health warning regarding Brazilian Blowout and has stopped the distribution of their salon products; Ireland has also issued a recall. ~ Also published in Vogue Feb. 2011.

    Despite this federal government warning and months of negative news reports, many salon owners admit they still use Brazilian Blowout and demand for the $200 to $700 labor intensive treatment remains high. ~ Fox news May 30, 2011

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    The chemicals need time to set in and stay. By wetting your hair before hand the chemicals can wash off ruining the style

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    well it will wash out the treatment which is not good && it can also strip your hair of vital nutrients .

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    if you don't believe what everybody here sais, I still wouldn't suggest you to try it

    could you, please, answer mine;_ylt=Ap057...

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