Freelance web designers? How much should i charge? And other tips?

I have been doing freelance web projects for the past year. I have always just told my clients, to pay me what they can, and let me use their website in my resume. I think it is time to take my web designing skills to the next level. So how much should i be charging for my work? Should I charge per hour, or just a flat rate for the sight? I know most web designers charge by the hour, but I am pretty new to this, so I would have a hard time estimating right away how many hours it would take me to build a site.

I am very good at html, and css. I have also used little amounts of java scripting and flash in my websites. I am currently learning PHP and some other languages, however if anyone asked me to build a website using intensive scripting I would not feel comfortable enough to build it.

My current specialty has been building and designing relatively simple websites, that are super easy to update. I always make sure that the pictures are easily replaceable, and the texts and links are really easy to update. And then i leave them with a manual, of how to update their site. This has gone over very well for me, and has made my clients very happy. I wish to keep offering this type of service... But i just have no idea what to charge..

I also have no idea, about the legal side of freelancing. Im sure i have to pay income tax and stuff... so if you are a freelance web designer and would just like to share some general knowledge with me that would be very very much appreciated!!


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    I don't do web sites per se; I customize software for individual offices and add content to web sites. For simple tasks, I charge $50 per hour of actual work. For more difficult tasks that require more extensive knowledge, I charge $75 per hour. I do not charge for research that will improve my skills, but I would charge for research that is specific to one company and would not improve my ability to do other jobs. I would personally resent it if someone wanted to charge me extra because he or she took on a job he or she was not qualified to do.

    You're doing a somewhat different job with a different clientele in a different part of the country. You'd need to charge what you feel comfortable with charging and an amount that is competitive with others doing similar work.

    You may or may not need a license from your municipal government to operate a business. You'd need to check with the Register of Deeds in your county to ask about that. You are operating a business, so you will need to keep track of your income and your expenses. Your expenses are going to include software purchases, computer equipment purchases, business travel, books you need, and educational expenses if you take classes to improve your skills. You may be able, under certain circumstances, be able to deduct expenses for a home office. You are obligated to pay both income and self-employment taxes on your profits (income minus expenses). In some places, you may be required to charge sales tax on services. You'd need to get in touch with your state's Department of Revenue about that.

    Two places you can get helpful information about starting and operating your small business are the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE). See the links below for their web sites.

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    I actually haven't heard of many web designers charging by the hour, I've always just seen flat rates. I currently just got a domain and paid hosting, so I've been looking around for someone to build me a site. The prices I've been seeing [and am really disappointed with] are usually above $200 with SEO + basic scripting (login forms, account options, etc). My advice to you is to continue learning php, and master the basics. Charge extra for stuff you don't know and have to research ^.^

    I can't comment on the legal side, I'd personally just put all the income into paypal.

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    If you are very strong in web designing and you think you can provide affordable web designing services then make your portfolio very strong. It's bit difficult to stick in market for new comers. You have to give some attractive things like in designs or in price. You may charge $2-$5 per hour initially.

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