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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 10 years ago

should i shave my head & wear a wig while my hair grows?

my hair has become very unhealthy & i would like to start over with it. i'm thinking about shaving my head and wearing a wig but i'm worried it'll fall off & i'll get embarrassed. thoughts?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Last year I damaged my hair pretty badly trying to bleach my dyed-black hair to blonde. The end result was a mess of straw-textured orange and brown spotted hair that was falling out of my head every time I combed it.

    I tried to save it by dying it back to black (yes, I realize the irony there), and for the next 9 months I was just been nursing it back to health, getting the dead hair trimmed off, but my hair was simply not growing back. With each new growth session, more would break off and the damage seemed to travel up my hair. Plus, the upkeep of having to dye the roots to match every month was just further damaging my hair.

    I bought some wigs and wore those, intent on "growing it back out", but the mop of damaged, brittle hair was just a nightmare to manage, even underneath the wig. I then had my hair cut into a pixie cut, before finally (in a moment of curiosity and anger at my hair) I shaved it all off with an electric razor...

    AND I LOVE IT! I don't even really wear my wigs anymore (I had 5 of them). Being bald was a huge journey in womanhood. It redifined everything I felt about my hair and it's connection to my beauty. I finally discovered my face underneath my hair and I get to wear all sorts of wicked dramatic eye makeup, much more than any "haired" girls could ever pull off. I experiment with hats sometimes, my morning routine has been shaved down by almost an hour and half as well. I save money on hair products trying to salvage my hair (keratin, oils, conditioning masks, placenta treatments, salon treatments, etc).

    Wigs can actually look really natural. When I do wear wigs, most people can't even tell it's not real (unless I'm deliberately going for an edgy and bold look, like hot pink).

    Human hair wigs can run from $80-$200, obviously the $200 one will be better quality and more realistic. But I actually prefer synthetic wigs. Synthethic wigs run $25-$100 and have a style that is locked into them, so you don't have to worry about your hairstyle ever coming undone, or having to do your hair each morning. And just for me personally, sometimes human hair wigs on the cheaper end of the spectrum come with too much hair on them that overwhelms my face.

    If you go with synth wigs, buy kanekelon fiber, not toyokelon fiber. Toyokelon fiber is what the typical $25 synthetic hair wig is made from, and looks a bit more fakey, though they can still be pulled off quite nicely. Kanekalon looks more realistic. Synthetic wigs will be a bit shiny, so if you use a kabuki makeup brush and some loose talcum powder and powder over the wig it tones down the shine. You can also use dark makeup powder (for African American/ethnic skin) if your wig is brown/black.

    Clips, bows, hats, scarves, headbands and bobby pins can be used to keep the wig from getting a little bit of a poof on top, which sometimes happens if the cap is slightly large. The only thing with shaving your hair off, is that whatever wig you buy will fit a little looser to begin with, until you grow enough virgin hair to fill it in. I've never had a wig fall/blow/or be yanked off. Buy a wig cap from sally's that matches either the color of your skin or the color of the wig (preferably skin colored for light/funky wigs, wig colored for dark hair wigs). put that on first and then press your forehead against the front lacing and pull the back part of the wig cap over your head. Adjust the wig on your head by pulling it to either side/front back. Just because the wig is on your head at the "proper" alignment doesn't mean you can't tilt it a little to one side for a more natural look. You'll get used to putting them on after a few wears, and the first time you wear it you WILL feel weird, but that feeling goes away really fast.

    Most wigs are adjustable, so if it's a bit loose then you would pull the side drawstring to tighten and tuck them up underneath the wig. If you have hair, you can use bobby pins to pin the wig to your hair.

    I recommend: for natural colors and natural styles. I have a wig from here and sometimes people ask me if I'm a hair stylist because the "hair" looks so good. for funky, punk, retro, fun wigs. I have a few from here too. I don't bother too much making them look natural, as the whole point is to just be fun. People often compliment me on these wigs too, and express how "jealous" they are that I can change my color daily.

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    7 years ago

    There are many factors that can attribute to hair recession or massive hair fall and you need to find out which one exactly is responsible for the problem you are having now. Of course male pattern baldness is still the most common cause, but, for instance, if you are a woman things are deinitely different! This is the reason why you will need to really dig down and see the source of your problem.

    Other causes of hair loss may include (both in men and women): severe mental or emotional stress, excessive use of coloring or bleaching agents, traction alopecia or excessive strain on the scalp due to braiding or corn rowing, hormonal changes, alopecia areata or hair loss due to autoimmune diseases, and many more. Each of these conditions will require a different approach in order to achieve success regardless of whether you're going to be using conventional or natural methods.

    In my opinion it's much better to use natural methods as opposed to conventional ones, they're cheaper, have less to no side effects, and often more effective.

    A good way of regaining your full head of healthy natural hair is well described on this guide:

    Good Bye

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    Bald Head Wig

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    5 years ago

    The hair is not just a part of your body and it is a symbol of beauty, status and health. It is important for you to take proper care of your health in order to prevent early hair loss. Learn here It is not a very serious problem and with a little bit of caution you will be able to prevent further hair loss. There are certain uncontrollable factors like pregnancy conditions or certain illness or genetic factors that will result in hair loss. But, this does not mean that you cannot do something about your hair loss.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    An alternative would be getting a short pixie cut specific to your face shape. A good stylist can guide you. I cut my hair really short after I damaged it with a couple of bad dye job fixes. It grew back really healthy and I have actually kept it short since; it suits me better.

  • 10 years ago

    That's stupid. Don't ever do that, you will regret it kore than anything, trust me. Here is some advice

    Use keratin. Any type. Buy it from Anywhere and put it on your hair strand by strand. Then straighten your hair after it dries. Then, for four days straight, straighten your hair, and dint let it go near water. In the fourth day, and hour after straightening, wash your hair with keratin shampoo. Afterwards, use the keratin shampoo and a conditioner of your choice every time you wash your hair. But as an alterenent for the keratin shampoo, you can use baby Johnson shampoo and a conditioner of your choice.

    Also, if you want to go simple, and slow, then everyday, put damage therapy deep conditioner, or hot oil treatment, and keep it on for an hour or two. Rinse and your hair will feel soft. This takes a few months to repair nicely.

    When your styling, use products that use conditioner only. Oh and you can style with body lotion. This makes your hair very soft.

    Don't go do something stupid. Listen to me, please

    Source(s): I used to have really ugly, frizzy hair. Disgusting and felt like crap. I used keratin and it has worked wonders!
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    try using some products for damaged hair to try and make it better.

    if that doesn't work then go ahead with your plan

    (just remember to make sure that your wig is secure on your head)

  • 5 years ago

    I know you're kinda apprehensive (and I might be slone on this) but I really think you should shave your head and run with it!

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