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cheapest way to build a 3 stall horse barn with tack room and indoor arena as well? also best footing ?

my family and i are looking to possibly build a barn/indoor arena in the near future, we are looking at our options. does anyone know the cheapest company they have found to build a barn? or someone they were highly satisfied with that had decent costs? or even how to do it myself? also, what is a good footing that is inexpensive yet will not injure the horse and will not strain them?

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    The most economical barn model is an "open breezeway" barn. This may or may not be suitable, depending on your climate. BarnPros (Costco) makes fabulous, quality barns. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Nike" footing but it is really expensive.

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    I think that you will find that with building indoor schools and barns etc there is no possibilities of doing it cheap! What you need to do is to get a few horse magazines or go on line, and make enquiries of each of the companies and try to see pictures of things that they have built in the past. Go round local barns and studs and ask who they have used and see if you like what they have.

    With the stables you can again look round companies and check out their prices of ready built stables etc and see what the prices are. I would not go for anything that looks shoddy or is the cheapest, but go somewhere in the middle of the road. Strength, stability and safety are the key.

    I believe that you can get an outdoor arena built (again not cheap) but get a covering to go over it, making it into an indoor arena, which would be cheaper than building a whole building.

    As for surfaces, there are so many out there but sand on its own is not good as it can cause a lot of strain on the joints and is very heavy and hard when wet, dusty when dry.

    Something with rubber and gel would be best, but you should again ask around.

    Oh, and make sure you have planning permission from your local council before you go ahead! If you build without permission you will end up having to demolish the whole lot and that would be sad and extremely expensive!!!

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    google barns

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