Peanut butter brownies?

I have a box of brownie mix and want to add some peanut butter. I want to know if I need to adjust the recipe a bit? Maybe some extra milk or higher temp? Or just leave it like it is and how much peanut butter should I add?

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    well, peanut butter chips or pieces of reeces cups would work the best for peanut buttery taste in brownies, but of course peanut butter and chocolate are good in almost any combination, haha. the trick to baking with peanut butter is; less is more. its heavy, and can weigh down most baked goods that need to rise in the oven. if youre making 'fudgy' brownies, you can add a little more than you would to 'cake' style brownies. Id say about 3 tablespoons in fudgy brownies and 2 tablespoons in cake brownies. put your batter in the baking dish first, then stir up the peanut butter so its easy to spread, and just kind of swirl it through the brownie mixture slowly, it works a lot better this way than mixing up into it completely. hope this helps, and happy munching! :)

    PS, i wouldnt change the temp or cooking time for this. and im assuming your making an 8x8 pan of brownies, if youre making a larger pan, i would add a couple more tablespoons of PB :)

    Source(s): lots of kitchen experience, i am a total foodie and love to cook! :)
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    For muffins a million (20 ounce) container brownie combination a million/4 cup water a million/3 cup vegetable oil 2 eggs For Topping 4 tablespoons creamy peanut butter (or extra, counting on style) 2 tablespoons milk a million cup Cool Whip chocolate syrup (elective) practice muffins as directed on kit. After permitting to relax decrease muffins into 3x3" squares. combination at the same time milk and peanut butter till tender. Fold in cool whip and combine till mixed. precise muffins with a million a million/2-2 tablespoons of peanut butter combination. If wanted drizzle chocolate sauce over brownie and serve!

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