How to tell the difference between emo and an emo poser?

He I was just wondering the difference between an emo poser and an actuall emo please help I want to know

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    8 years ago
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    you cant actually " be emo" because emo is short for the genre called emotive hardcore. as for scene, that's the fashion aspect of it, and in my opinion anyone who genuinely is being their true self by wearing that kind of clothing and/or listening to emotive hardcore does not make them a poser. posers are people who arent being themselves and only following that style to fit in with other people of that style. you can't really tell who a real scene is since its all about whether theyre truly being who they are, and not just looking at them and deciding theyre a poser. but the for sure way to know if they're a poser is if they call themselves emo or scene.

  • 8 years ago

    i can not stand emo posers!! they dress the same but it is easy to pick them out here is how you can tell:

    if they are a poser they :

    1. tell everyone that they are an emo

    2. they cut them selves in front of other people

    3. they do horizontal cut on their wrists (real emos cut vertically because it cuts up the vein not just once across it)

    4. they think that they scare everyone and think that that's cool

    5. they hang out with other people who do everything as the above (those people really piss me off)

    a real emo is:

    1. someone who is always alone

    2. doesn't talk to many people

    3. someone who is genually upset all the time

    4. they dont tell people that they are emo

    5. a person who dosent care about anything, dosent care about anyone else

    6. they express them selves through their music and clothing

    7. they mind their own Business

  • 8 years ago

    I'd say stop thinking 'names' like "emo" define people. There is no actual emo,every guy/girl even mentioning the word emo while describing ones self is a poser and chose a pathetic way to ask for attention.

    Source(s): Personal Knowledge.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    both dress the same, but real ones cut themselves

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