97 Buick Regal turn signal not working?

My buick's driver side turn signal isn't working. It's not the headlamp assembly itself because I plugged the driver side into the passenger side and it worked perfectly fine. In terms of trouble shooting where should I check first. I had heard that it could be the MFS or a daytime running module however the turn signal bulb is illuminated it just doesn't blink. What should I check first rather than spending all the money on a MFS?

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  • Benz
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    8 years ago
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    Hey Doug,

    You already plugged the "Driver's Side Assembly," into the "Passenger Side," and it operates correctly. Question: Did you try the "Passenger Side Assembly," on the driver's side ? Try doing this and if it operates, than it's not the "Multi-Funtion Switch MFS."

    The "MFS," also controls "Hazard Flashers," and "Headlights,", are they working properly ?

    You also claim the "Signal Bulb" illuminates but does not blink. So, the first thing I would check is the "Bulb Socket,' make sure it's clean, and replace the "Turn Signal, Bulb Type 3157." Could very well be just a "Bad Bulb."

    I agree with you, eliminate the small things, because a new "MFS," is well over "$400.00." Unless you pick up a used one at a wrecking yard for around $75.00. Installing the "MFS," is an easy task, that should take you about 25 minutes.

    I really think it's a "Bad Bulb," or a "Bad Ground Connection In The Socket," but heck I also didn't think Obama was going to be elected President.

    Good Luck !

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