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Can i apply for 18+ oyster card for college?

i'm over 18(19), so i wouldn't be able to use the 16+ oyster which is free travel on buses but i heard the student oyster(18+) is only used for university but i got 1 more year left for college so will i be able to apply for the 18+

couple of questions:

where can i get the form?

how much does it cost for bus using a student oyster and adult oyster?

tahnk you


thank you*

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    10 years ago
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    You just have to be on a full time course, which means your studying over 15 hours per week,

    Look on:

    At the bottom is says Terms and Conditions for the card, if you click on that it tell you all the stuff you need, like a picture etc, and the fact that you cant apply for it yet (you can apply up to 4 weeks in advance of your course starting, but the applications don't start until 31 Aug)

    I did it online before its really easy, you just have to work out a way of getting your photo onto your computer, I didn't have a scanner that gave a good enough quality, so maybe check that out while your waiting!

    But other than that you put your name in and the institute where you are studying, and it confirms you are on that course, and then they send you the card. You have to pay a fee for them to process it, which I think is £5, but it might have gone up.

    And I believe you get 33% discount off of the standard price of travel with the student card.

  • olympe
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    4 years ago

    Apply For Student Oyster Card 18

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