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Virginia earthquake? ?

Is there gonna be more earthquakes or when it's gonna stop

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    Well, earthquakes can't really be predicted, so I have no idea.. I'm kind of concerned there's going to be more, maybe even bigger ones, in the future. but I don't know, pehraps I'm just being negative. in 2008, I felt a small one when I was outside, the first one I'd ever felt in my life, then in 2010, I felt another small one it almost seems like it's been slowly building.. What kind of gets me mad is how west coast people are rolling their eyes at us for worrying about it, but it was a pretty big one, and it did do a bit of damage to stores, and buildings.

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    9 years ago

    You never know if there will be more earthquakes or even aftershocks. I'm pretty sure the aftershocks are over, though. It was odd to have an earthquake like that, and it may happen again but as far as aftershocks, people keep saying "it will go on for years!". No it won't. It's been a while since our last aftershock. You'll never know, but I think we'll be ok :)

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