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What should I name my twins?

I'm too early to find the genders yet but we have some names picked out


Brea Lynn

Aria Evangeline

Saige Megan

Leighton Tess


Kross ?

Isaiah Michael

Brady Scott

Brodi Jace

Liam Xander

Our favorite names are:

Saige and kross

Pair them up? B/b g/g b/g

Middle names for Kross?



Piper and Carter

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    Aria Evangeline and Saige Megan

    Aria Evangline and Isaiah Michael

    Kross and Isaiah Michael

    Middle names: (something biblical to go with kross and in my b/b case, Isaiah Michael)

    Kross Jacob

    Kross Samuel

    Kross Jeremiah

    Kross Matthew

    Kross Jonathan

    Kross David


    Kross Xavier

    Kross Liam

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    10 years ago

    G/G-Aria Evangeline and Saige Megan

    G/B-Aria Evangeline and Isaiah Michael

    B/B-Isaiah Michael and Brady Scott

    Kross Andrew

    Kross Daniel

    Kross David

    I like all except for Kross.Not really a fan of Kross

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    Saige Megan

    Brea Lynn

    Kross Matthew

    Brodi Jace

    Aria Evangeline

    Liam Xander

    My Opinions

    Brea Lynn Love Brea but lynn is a bit coomon

    Aria Evangeline Love this one!! Aria is soo cute!

    Saige Megan Saige is adorable!!!! hmm do prefer sage or saige??? :)

    Leighton Tess Not a fan of this one, also the first name is very long compared to the others!

    Isaiah Michael Yeah cute but not my favourite

    Brady Scott Bit nicknamey, maybe Bradley

    Brodi Jace I like this one!

    Liam Xander Love Liam!!

    Kross Matthew Dunno about this one, Bit biblical for me but its quite cute with Matthew

    My fav combo: Saige Megan and Brodi Jace

    </3 congrats!!


  • Shea
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    10 years ago

    Aria Evangeline & Leighton Tess

    Aria Evangeline & Isaiah Michael

    Isaiah Michael & Liam Xander

    I personally don't like the name all. But Kross Andrew is okay.

    If I could Mix and match the names, I would use...

    Evangeline Tess & Leighton Brea

    Evangeline Tess & Isaiah Michael

    Isaiah Michael & Liam Brady

    Elijah, Andrew, & Bryce are cute boys names too. I think Leighton, Evangeline, & Tess are really cute, but Amelia, Sadie, & Nessa/Tessa/Kessa are cute too!(:

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    Saige Megan and Leighton Tess


    Brodi Jace and Liam Xander


    Saige Megan and Brodi Jace

    Kross Finnian

    Kross Oliver

    Kross James


  • Leigha
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    10 years ago

    2 Boys: Brady Scott and Liam Xander

    2 Girls: Brea Lynn and Leighton Tess

    Boy and Girl: Brodi Jace and Leighton Tess

    Middle names for Kross:

    Kross Jackson

    Kross Ethan

    Kross Cayden

    Kross Asher

    Kross Emmett

    Kross Damon

    Kross Brendan

    Hope this helped, and congrats :)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Liam Xander and Brodi Jace

    Brea Lynn and Aria Evangeline

    Brea Lynn and Liam Xander

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    Leighton Tess & Brea Lynn. For two girls <3

    Brodi Jace & Liam Xander. For two boys <3

    Brea &Brodi <3 for boy &girlll :)


  • Cofer1
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    10 years ago

    Congrats on your babies! I LOVE Leighton Tess! I never see Tess anywhere, and I love it!

    Boys: Liam Xander and Brady Scott

    Girls: Leighton Tess and Aria Evangeline

    Boy and Girl: Kross Leo and Aria Evangline

    Congrats! Good luck and happy naming! Hope I helped! :)

  • Apogee
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    10 years ago

    From those Aria Evangeline & Isaiah Michael are the two that really work.

    Kross with a K, too trendy -- noun as name AND with a K -- it's trendy with balloons and glitter

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