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What can I do to get promoted to PFC ASAP?!?

I am a 13D and currently a PV2 and I know eventually I will automatically get promoted, but wanted to know if there was anything I could do to get promoted sooner? Thank you!

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    There is nothing you can do. PV2 to PFC is a time in service promotion, and there are no waivers (unless you have college, but that would apply only prior to your enlistment, so obviously you didn't get that.) You will make PFC after 12 months service.

    However, you can speed up your promotion from PFC to SPC when the time comes. That is also a timing promotion, but there are waivers. Every company commander can promote a small percentage of his PFCs to SPC after 18 months. In almost all cases, the commander takes the recommendation of the 1SG, who gets input from other senior NCOs.

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    Going from E-2 to E-3, is based on a few criteria, time in service, commanders decision, MOS evaluations. Do the best you can in your MOS, keep uniforms neat, positive attitude, obey and follow orders, do a good job in your MOS, learn it, most units have a company roster, and ranks that go with each position. Sign up for schools, take correspondence courses, study and learn your Mos, and skills involved. Be sharp, haircuts, uniforms, boots,etc... Be aggresive in yor job performance, stay out of trouble, being a E-2, you probably haven't been in army long, just be a good soldier, listen to NCO's and officer's, learn your MOS, do a outstanding job, good attitude, take military and civillain classes if you can, hang in there, I was in the airborne infantry, and made E-3, right after, basic, AIT, and jump school, after ranger school made E-4, got out as a E-6 in 7 years, only because of job opportunity. Was on the E-7 list though. Look sharp, be on time, learn your MOS, go to Mlitary schools, good luck to ya!

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