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I had a Capricorn friend who told me that I looked like I took my picture in a truck stop restroom?

for absolutely no reason, because she thought i did something that someone else did to her. I have no idea if she was talking about me or the picture background (or both) I am thinking it was probably both. Next, she picked on me about my weight, because I had recently gained and lost 5 pounds. After that i got sick of it and told her she was not so pretty herself and that she looked like a tomboy.

Now she is going on saying that all i care about is appearances. But wasn't i just defending myself?

Why would a Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Pisces rising woman do this to me, when she was the one first making APPEARANCE BASED comments. Why would she now twist it around like this?

Do Capricorns do this often?


Oh yeah, after I called her a tomboy she started editing her photos to appear more FEMININE, so I called her out on that too. But it was because she had already PICKED on my appearance. After I called her a tomboy she told me I looked like an ugly, fat, dog. That's when i brought up the photo editing part.

Update 2:

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder...... I have been called gorgeous by strangers, and i have been called okay ( that was mostly race based, I didn't look Mexican enough for the guys) twice. I had this guy tell me I looked like a queen and bow to the ground when he seen me in the mall like ten years ago. I also think that people like George Clooney and Denzal Washington who get so much attention for their looks are over rated. I prefer Orlando Bloom, James Franco and Leonardo DiCaprio. I was also appalled when Kristen Dunst was referred to as not extremely beautiful but more interesting and cute. I think Kristin Dunst is Gorgeous. I also think Angelina Jolie is over rated..... Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder... My opinion,,,, and you are right about that, not everyone will like how i look, but to call me ugly in public was RUDE,,,,Thanks BB. =-)

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    Well first of all, you know what I think of your appearance, you look good in your pictures and you seem like a beautiful girl in real life as well.

    If you put your pictures out there, you will always have people stating their opinion about it, Some might find you pretty and some might find you unattractive. the normal people that will find you unattractive, would not communicate it to you, they will just "Move on" to the next person. and leave it there. People who have problems and issues with themselves are going to tease you and pick on you for stupid things.

    If a person judges you like that, based on your appearance, then it means that they are THEMSELVES the ones caring too much on appearances. Gaining weight and not feeling good about it, is a normal thing! It has nothing to do with appearance. It's a fact.

    and btw, "tomboy" is not a bad thing to say. I wouldn't mind if a person called me tomboy. So you were not picking on her. Apparently she took it too personally and so she attacked you and call you "ugly, fat, dog". really, her behavior is a sign of weakness.

    Source(s): regardless of sun signs :-))
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