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crf 450r K&N air filter?

Do these air filters make any noticable differance in the performance of the bike?

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  • John R
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    10 years ago
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    I would not run a K&N oiled paper element on any of my dirt bikes.

    The K&N allows more air to flow through their filters, this is how you get the increase in power. If it allows more air to pass through, then that means that dirt particles are also getting through with the air.

    I had a couple buddies that used to run K&N's on their Husky's. One buddy was lazy and just didn't like cleaning and oiling a regular foam filter. My lazy buddy said: "as the filter gets dirtier, it traps more dirt."-(really?!?) The second buddy used to do top end engine rebuilds every 6 months.

    Since the air filter is flowing more air, there will be an increase in power, but nothing to write home about. You might actually gain 1/2 to 1hp.

    Source(s): Riding and racing since 1973. Ex-Honda/Yamaha mechanic.
  • 10 years ago

    The motor will breath easier using a K&N air filter; it won't be noticeable but it will be there. An increase in engine torque as well as a slight increase in hp. The reason you might not notice the increase is that most of the time you are on the power you will have some degree of wheel spin as in tire slip.

    They are an efficient air filter but need regular cleaning and re oiling. The increase in air flow is from the larger surface area of the filter.

    Hope that helps

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The oiled gauze air filter out isn't something new, they have been setting up them to production automobiles interior the Nineteen Fifties as accepted . i don't comprehend why paper factors grew to develop into so familiar, besides the undeniable fact that it easily created a industry for paper filters that had to be thrown away each few thousand miles. They have been wiped sparkling in petrol and reoiled rather definitely . They do artwork rather properly expanding the air value interior the induction equipment. the disadvantage that i discovered with mine became that it became impossible to connect the warmth air intake equipment to it so greater petrol became wasted on short journeys with the engine taking longer to heat up.

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