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TF2 and Steam download error?

"To Run Steam you must first connect to the internet" My firewall is set to allow and I got this to work before (I forgot how) a long time ago but when I did it said I didn't have enough space for TF2, so I uninstalled. I have the space now so I'm trying again, but it's giving me that message.


I got it to work but now it is saying I'm unable to reach Steam servers when I create an account.

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    You might not have the ports open

    Find your ip address and type it into your browser.

    Then log in.The login is different for each router company. Search up changing router settings or how to open ports.

    I think you need to go under port forwarding

    and type in the port number into a new slot.

    Then put in a different last few digits of the ip then click save

    Oh and the udp/tcp thing, put it on both

    Try it

    Normally the IP address is or something like that

    Or it might be as simple as steam isn't connected to wifi.

    Click go offline in the top left(usually, it's under steam)

    Then click go online i think near the same place

    The source is the required ports:

    EDIT:hmmmm... i dunno, maybe the steam server is down?

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