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When rich corporations get cheap fruit/vegetables from illegal immigrant labor, how much do local citizens pay?

... to educate the children of the illegal immigrants and to pay for health care for the children of illegal immigrants ?

I'm no expert but I assume corporations like Heinz, Hunts, Green Giant, Snapple, Del Monte, etc. do buy fruits and vegetables from California farmers and other farms ... produce that was picked with cheap illegal immigrant labor.

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    Coca-Cola dba Tropicana.

    Local citizens must shoulder the burden of all the negative externalities of the illegal hiring of undocumented workers by well known corporations trying to maximize their own profits.

    Local citizens have to directly bear the brunt of the criminal and social costs caused by undocumented workers and their families for law enforcement, incarceration, drunk driving, assault, sexual assault, drug dealing, emergency healthcare, vagrancy, schooling, and infrastructure depreciation necessitated by the influx and presence of undocumented workers.

    Coca-Cola certainly doesn't pay those costs or suffer as victims of crime caused by undocumented workers.

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  • Jimbo
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    9 years ago

    How is the fact that CALIFORNIA farmers commit illegal acts by hiring illegal aliens to work for them, the fault of the companies you mentioned? Those companies don't have access to the I-9 forms required by the federal government who hire employees. They buy the fruits and vegetables on open markets from the farmers. We are too quick to place the blame on the large corporations and not on the people who are responsible because of media and left wing hype. It's time we changed that.

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  • 9 years ago

    Aren't you glad that Obama is enforcing the immigration laws?

    Hurts don't it?

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