is there a test for men for HPV or genital warts?

Our adopted 4 year old has just shown up with genital warts around his anus. His parents HPV and genital warts on and off. Now the doctors, who will report ot child services our situation. Say it is rare to contranct in pregnancy & delivery. We beleive that we are not abusers and are trying to find tests that will give us a clean slate and alert this issue to possible delivery or invetro.HELP US Find HELP.

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  • 10 years ago
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    No there is no FDA overall standard HPV screening for the male or the female. Many males and females have the virus with no abnormal cell changes and no visible genital warts. You may not test positive for HPV if the virus is not in a high viral load.

    The only approved FDA HPV tests are for screening the cervix.

    Specific HPV type testing is done is research all the time but is not usually available to the public because these tests have not been approved by the FDA.

    The information is from a lab that will do HPV screening. These tests have not meet FDA approval…this doesn’t mean that the tests are not informative…or used in medical science.

    HPV in Children. The epidemiology of anogenital HPV

    infections in children is less well-delineated at the population level.

    The mean age at presentation of anogenital warts in case series of

    children has ranged from 2.8 to 5.6 years (28, 29, 30). Among

    eight series of 17 to 75 cases of anogenital HPV infection in

    children, the proportion thought to have acquired HPV from sexual

    abuse, range from 3% to 35% (31, 29, 32, 33). The likelihood of

    sexual abuse as the means of acquisition of anogenital infection in

    children appears to increase with age (39). Nonsexual

    transmission from common skin warts appears likely to occur in

    some cases, especially when the anogenital wart is caused by HPV

    types 1 or 2 (34, 35, 36, 32). Autoinoculation from a nongenital

    cutaneous wart to the genitalia, heteroinoculation from one

    individual to another, and transmission from contaminated objects

    (fomites) to hand and to genital regions have been proposed as

    mechanisms of transmission of HPV (34, 35, 37). The use of public

    showers is associated with an increase in the incidence of plantar

    warts, and indirect transmission of genital HPV via contaminated

    fomites, surgical instruments, and laser smoke plumes have been

    described (38, 39).

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    i heard that there are no test for men for hpv , i am not sure !may u come to these related sites like "" or "" for help, many stds people there they experienced more and know more ,they must have good ideas for u ,hope this helps !take care!good luck!

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    Yes, there are tests. Go to the doctor.

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