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Can you give me a good violin teacher in the southwest area of ohio?

I want one that is $15/hour or less. Can you also give me the ages that they teach? thanks!

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    I'm not sure about the going rate for lessons in Ohio, but in Virginia, you would expect to pay $40-$55 for an hour. Beginners usually take 30-minute lessons for $25. If someone is charging substantially less, it is probably not a quality (licensed, degreed, or experienced) teacher.

    To find a teacher, try the American String Teacher Association at this link http://www.astaweb.com/Public/Member_Resources/Fin...

    You can also try a local college with a music department. Most professors also give lessons outside the college, and most colleges also keep a list of alumni who teach.

    You can also try your local music stores. Some stores give lessons onsite, and others can refer you to a quality teacher.

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