What career options do I have if I decide to major in nutrition?

I'm also interested in physical therapy but fitness/nutrition is my main question. I was wondering what sort of jobs are offered in this field of work because although I'm interested in it, I don't want to spend all this money at college and then not have a job I like. Also, are there any vocational or technical schools for this kind of career or do I have to go to a major college/university?

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    Experts in nutrition are in demand due to the growing and aging population in the United States and an increased public interest in proactively managing personal health. Diseases such as obesity and diabetes continue to be prevalent, representing another reason for the growth of nutrition-based jobs.

    Dietician and Nutritionists

    Most people who pursue a degree program in nutrition become dieticians or nutritionists. Different types of nutritionists perform different daily tasks, depending on their audience and work setting. A renal dietician would provide nutritional advice for those with kidney dysfunction whereas a pediatric dietician would build diet plans for children. A clinical dietician at a hospital, retirement home or military base may build meal and nutritional programs for ongoing use and direct staff in proper preparation. A consultant dietician would work with individuals in a one-on-one setting and may conduct wellness seminars or promote nutrition through articles or books.

    Pharmaceutical or Food Sales

    Some individuals may become food scientists or product sales representatives for pharmaceutical or food companies. According to World Wide Learn, “Food scientists analyze food, ingredients, and what causes it to break down or spoil. They are concerned with the safe preservation and processing of food as well as its nutritional value.” Such individuals may monitor sanitation and storage or take on a quality-control role. Food scientists may weigh in on marketing to ensure that statements about the food are accurate. Individuals in sales will promote the value of products directly to consumers or corporations, using the information provided by marketing and their experience and education.

    Public Health Education

    An educational background in nutrition can also prepare an individual for a career educating the public. A cooperative extension agent may work for an organization conducting food research and may help translate findings into awareness messages or actionable advice for consumers. Community agencies may employ experts, termed public health nutritionists, to provide health care to their constituents while promoting health and disease prevention.

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    I think what you're looking for is a major in "Executive Assistant and Executive Secretary." :) Look it up! It has to do with business, it helps others, and it's very spontaneous, ridding of the mundane tasks you talked about. Here's a link:

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