What Is Your Thought/Opinion On Tourette Syndrome?

Title[Quesstion] Says It All Please? I Need It For Homework To Ask Others What They Think Of It

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  • 8 years ago
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    Tourette Syndrome is a highly variable condition. I'm not sure what kind of "opinion" you're looking for! In some mild cases it can just be an occasional, uncontrollable "tick," like a blink or a small movement. Severity can range up to a more debilitating condition with larger and more frequent uncontrolled movements and/or vocalizations. (It is the rare minority who actually yell out words)

    Source(s): genetic counselor
  • M
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    8 years ago

    It's a brain condition that causes you to make movements and noises that you can't control.

    Well, I have it and I can say that sometimes it's really hard. But to be honest, if I didn't have tourette syndrome, I wouldn't have met so many nice people and I wouldn't be who I am. Tourette syndrome is a part of me and I wouldn't change it.

    Really, the toughest thing about having TS is lack of public awareness. People just don't know about it. A lot of people who have heard if it think that it's this bizarre illness that makes you cuss at people.. which obviously isn't true at all!

  • Melody
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    8 years ago

    I know it as a potentially disabling neurobiological disorder that causes involuntary movements and vocalizations. It is disabling for me, although most affected find it only embarassing or annoying.

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