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Is it illegal to buy a rabbit at a pet store go home kill it and eat it?

My friend told me today that her neighbor does that and I was wondering if it was illegal to do it Easy 10 pts for Best Answer

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    No it is not illegal--but it would get expensive considering that rabbits at pet stores cost in excess of $30 just for a couple pounds of meat.

    It's like saying it's illegal to go to a breeder, buy a rabbit, and slaughter it yourself. But it's perfectly legal and oftentimes breeders raise rabbits just so they can slaughter them themselves and eat them.

    If, however, you do slaughter the rabbit, you are NOT allowed to sell the meat--for more regulations about selling meat, go to your state's agriculture department's Web site.

    It is NOT animal abuse as long as you know what you're doing when you're killing the critter.

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    Most large grocery stores sell skinless rabbit meat. Why not ask the butcher if there is a local breeder of rabbits for meat? Maybe they could sell you a few pelts. Otherwise, buying rabbits from a pet store is not advisible. For one thing, it is cost prohibitive, secondly you just might end up with a cruelty to animals charge if you are found out. A meat rabbit is fed well and their fur would be quite suitable and soft for pelting purposes. Just because the animal is "just a rabbit" doesn't mean it doesn't have rights. Treating them humanely and looking after them well is a major responsibility when raising meat rabbits. Furthermore, are you willing to do the job of dispatching the rabbit and skinning it? Some more items to consider. Please get your rabbit pelt from someone who deals in them. At least we'll all know all parts of the rabbit will be used.

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    It's no different than buying a chicken and killing it for dinner. Rabbit is a traditional food of my tribe and is delicious. Raising rabbits for food is a very self sustainable way to feed your family meat and it's easy to cook with. For some reason, Americans get upset when someone eats something they consider a cute cuddly pet. It's easy for them to pick up those packages of lamb, beef, chicken, but as soon as someone makes them aware that someone has to kill their food to eat it, they think it an abomination. It's hilarious that they don't think about that when they are picking up their already neatly butchered meat from the market.

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    With a very simple question, you have raised many complex issues. It is interesting to see all of the answers that have so far been offered. However, regardless of the rationale or the place, the bunny is just as dead. Everything on this planet that moves around does so by eating something that was, itself, also was alive not so long ago. Plants are living things, too. I lived with a traditional Navajo family back in the 1980s - sheepherders. Shortly after my arrival there, there was a ceremony for butchering a sheep. The sheep's throat was cut quickly and the blood was collected. I asked how such a thing could be done, as that sheep was a long time member of this extended family? I will paraphrase what the elder grandmother of this camp said to me:

    We are the sheep people, and we live with them for all of their and our lives. We know when they begin to fail and get too old to get around. We end their lives then quickly, with almost no pain,and with thanks. Thanks for all of the wool they have given to us and thanks for their companionship and loyalty to us. Then we use every bit of that sheep to continue our lives - the meat, the hide, the organs, and the bones. And we give thanks and we give prayers for that sheep, and for all of us, that being our other sheep and other animals and we humans. We never kill nor eat lambs. I have seen what you city people do, going into those places that you call supermarkets. You pick up packages of ground up cow called "hamburger" and even ground up lamb and carelessly take that to a cash register and pay money. You never give thanks to that unknown cow, nor say a prayer, nor apologize for taking a life. You do not take responsibility for what you do. You have no respect.

    So, the argument is very interesting. Humans eat rabbits (and a lot of other living beings). So I guess I would ask about the context. But the rabbit is dead either way. Were I a rabbit, given the context of all of this I would probably prefer hanging out at a Navajo sheep camp.

    Best wishes, Z. G. Standing Bear in Divide, Colorado USA

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    It depends on the state. Animals sold as pets in my state are not for food and a person who kills it and eats it will face animal cruelty charges which is a felony. It would really be stupid as rabbit meat in the store or rabbits raised for meat would be much cheaper. Why would anyone spend more money unless they are masochists.

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    Yes. It's animal cruelty. There are rabbits which are bred and raised for the specific task of using them as food. The ones in a pet store aren't bred and raised for that purpose and it is illegal to use them in that manner.

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    That's terrible! I shudder at the thought of someone going buy a rabbit just to bring it home to cook it! Shame on that person, dude!!!!!!

    I hope he goes to Bunny Hell for that. *-.-*

    I'm not sure if it is illegal, but it damn straight should be!

    Source(s): Owning rabbits for most of my life!
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    Rabbits at pet stores should be PETS not used for food if they want rabbit meat they should buy rabbits from meat rabbit breeders.

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    Isn't that animal cruelty? And I'm pretty sure animal cruelty is illegal.

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    Yes it is. That's animal abuse. It's cruelty, unhuman.

    Source(s): I love animals
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