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Lee Troublemaker has been employed with ABC Lawn Chairs for 4 years as a chair maker. He went skiing on vacation and broke his leg. Upon his return, he requested to be allowed to work a desk job until his leg was healed and he could resume his regular job. The company told him no and made him use all of his accrued sick and vacation leave. He knows that last summer, Suzy Busybee was injured during a weekend jaunt and the company modified her job duties so she did not have to use her leave. Now, his leg did not heal and he was not cleared to return to work until 14 weeks after his injury. The company has now told him that since he did not return within 12 weeks, they could not hold his position and separated him from employment. He has now come to you and wants to know what he can do.

Prepare your response in memorandum format

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    most likely the employer did nothing wrong, Lee's job was making chairs and there was no way to modify that job (or at least the company made that determination)...

    we do not know what Suzy's job is (based on this post) but IF and only IF Suzy has the same job as Lee then there may be a problem with the employers decision...

    there are a lot of issues to consider but in general employees who perform the same job would need to be treated in the ame manner as far as an accommodation such as what Lee requested is concerned....

    the company handled the use of paid time off and FMLA in a legal manner


    as far as completing your homework you will need to write your own memo using this information.....

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