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what is Atalanta's story in mythology?

i have to a project on a story in mythology and i wanted to know if it was interesting enough to choose.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Her tale is told in full only by the late writers Ovid and Apollodorus.

    Atalanta was the daughter of Iasus or sometimes Schoenius, when she was born her father was deeply disapointed, he wanted a son and still got a daughter. He decided it was not worthy raising her so he left her in the woods to die out of hunger and cold, but as in many stories animals proved to be more kind than Humans. A she-bear found and took care of her, she thus she grew up into an active, daring little girl. Later a group of kind hunters took her with them, she proved to be more than their equal in all the feats of hunting. Once two centaurs caught sight of her, Centaurs being faster and stronger than man tried to get her, instead of running she shot at them arrows killing both of them.

    Then came the famous hunt of the Calydonian boar. A terrible beast sent by Artemis to ravage the country of Calydon in order to punish the king Oeneus, because he forgot her he was sacrificing the first fruits of the Gods at the harvest-time. No body could kill the beast, finally the king called upon the bravest heroes of Greece, a splendid band of young man who would later sail in the Argo with them came Atalanta. the son of the king, Meleager, fell in love with her, but she only treated him as a good comrade for she was determined to not marry. They band went into the woods and found the beast, before they could act the beast killed three men, in the state of chaos and confusion Atalanta was the only one who stood calm. She shot an arrows at the beast, this allowed Meleager to rush at the best and stab it. He was the official killer but all the honors went to Atalanta, who by the demand of Meleager was t be given the skin of the beast as the price.

    She is also said to have sailed with the Argonauts in the Argo in the quest for the Golden fleece. But some say that Jason, the leader of the Argonauts, wouldn't allow a woman to go with them.

    After the Argonauts had returned, when Medea had killed Jason's uncle Pelias, at the funeral games in his honor Atalanta was one of the contestants, and in a wrestling match she conquered the young hero who would be the father of the Great Achilles, the great hero Peleus.

    It was aftre this that she discovered who her parents were, she reconciled with them and went to live with them. It seems odd, but many men wanted to marry her for she could hunt, wrestle and shoot arrows. she had many suitors and in a way to get rid of them she agreed that she would mary that who could out-run her, knowing no man like that was alive. fleet-footed young men from all over came to race her, but she always out-ran them, she had a good time.

    But finally a young man who used both his head and his heels went to look for help. He looked for Aphrodite who was always in the lookout to subdue young wild maidens who despised love. This ingenious young man who was named either Melanion or Hippomenes got possession of three beautiful apples made of solid gold. Anybody who saw them couldn't resist not wanting them. On the race, of course, Atalanta was much faster but every time she passed him he would throw one of the apples somewhere and she wouldn't be able to resist and stop to pick them up. He would get the lead but than she would pass him again, as the end came near he threw the finale one and not being able to resist it she took off course to pick it up and he won. Her days of freedom and wild things was over.

    The two are said to be turned into lions because of some affront offered to either Zeus of Aphrodite. But before they were turned into lions she had a son, Parthenopaeus, who was one of the seven against Thebes.

    Source(s): My brain. Love Greek mythology.
  • Zeph
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    10 years ago

    Since I do not know much about the subject, I will refer to Wikipedia.

    Atalanta was the daughter of Iasus, a Boeotian or an Arcadian princess. She is often described as a goddess. Apollodorus is the only one who gives an account of Atalanta’s birth and upbringing. King Iasus wanted a son; when Atalanta was born, he left her on a mountaintop to die. Some stories say that a she-bear suckled and cared for Atalanta until hunters found and raised her, and she learned to fight and hunt as a bear would. She was later reunited with her father.

    Having grown up in the wilderness, Atalanta became a fierce hunter and was always happy. She took an oath of virginity to the goddess Artemis; when two centaurs, Rhoikos and Hylaios, tried to rape her, Atalanta killed them.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  • 10 years ago

    She was a princess who was left in the wilderness to die by her father. She survived and became a fierce warrior, loyal to Artemis, and was eventually found again by her father, the king, after a boar hunt. He wanted her to get married, which she, being a follower of Artemis, did not want. She agreed under the condition that her groom would first have to outrun her. One suitor, Hippomenes (a.k.a. Melanion) asked for help from Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who gave him irresistible apples to distract her, and therefore he outran Atalanta and married her. Later, they defile themselves at a temple (varies between stories) and get turned into lions. That's basically the story. Hope this helped!

    Source(s): Wikipedia and prior knowledge
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    Atalanta was very desirable, but would not submit to any man. As I recall a clever but cowardous man waited until she was asleep, then snuck up on her, tied her up, raped her, untied her and sneaked away again - all without her waking up. What a man. Must have been hung like Planet Pluto - impossible to see with the naked eye.

    Anyway, she said she would submit to a man who could defeat her in a race, but would slay any losers. Finally, she was defeated by a man who managed to distract her by dropping three golden apples along the way.

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