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Anonymous asked in HealthOther - Health · 10 years ago

Will I ever lose face fat/look more mature?

I've always had a really childish face. I'm a 14 yr old girl now, pretty tall and doing well in school, but all my classmates seemed to have 'matured' looks-wise while I look like I'm 9 (a lot of the time people say that I have the face of a little kid but I'm too tall to be that young).

I have really chubby cheeks, small round eyes (since my face has gotten bigger unfortunately I don't have the big eyes of a little kid anymore), really flat nose, short downturned mouth. Even my eyes- I don't have those inner eye corners. This is what I mean:

What a normal eye looks like:

Why my eyes look like:


so, rant over. am I just going to stay like this genetically? The eyes, the nose, the mouth, the cheeks? Or should I keep hoping things one day will change?


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  • 10 years ago
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    This is just the way you were born. As you get older, things should start to turn around. You are only 14, don't worry about it :)

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