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Can you return a used car that you just bought?

My friend just called me. she purchased a car 3 days ago from a used car lot. The car is having major issues already and it's only been three days. She said the car has a 30 day warranty on it and the dealership said they will fix the car but the issues it's having are major like the engine is knocking, brakes are squeaking, the ac went out and she and I both agree that it's properly won't get fixed all the way just enough to give it back to her. I told her she should give the car back but can she do that? It's been three days, he payments are due once a week and I told her she is properly going to have to pay this month off but will she still owed them if she gives the car back now? I am trying to help her but I am not sure of how this used car thing works any suggestions?

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  • REV B
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    10 years ago
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    Once you sign the paperwork, the car is yours. No such rule about returning a car after 72 hours. Urban Legend!

  • ?
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    10 years ago

    If she signed an "As is" form when she bought the car, she may have difficulty going after the dealership about it, even if it's in bad shape. That is the sellers way of being cleared of some liability and an admission that you agreeto buy the car with all current defects or whatever.

    You should research laws in your state now and maybe even go to the DMV or police department and just ask about the laws regarding those type of sales (don't threaten any action yet).

    In the future, your friend should always do a quick inspection on the car (test all electric components, test A/C, check under hood and check fluids, etc.) before buying.

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  • 10 years ago

    You need to find out if your state has a lemon law. I would also get the car checked by an outside mechanic get a list of what is wrong. Turn it over to them to fix and have the first guy check the work. Document everything! That way if after 30 days they try to say you are out of luck you can point to the previous issue. Keep on them till its fixed right!

  • Steve
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    not sure what the U.S Laws are but here it is illegal for a garage to sell any vehicle knowingly in an un-roadworthy condition unless it is clearly stated as "sold as seen or As is." Obviously the garage can always deny knowing about the faults and it would be hard to prove they did know.

    You may find if you go and talk to them, tell them you are unhappy and want a refund or a different vehicle instead that they will do it, no garage likes bad publicity so if they will not come to an agreeable deal with you then threaten them that you will tell your story to the local press, radio stations or online sites about their dishonesty and poor service etc

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  • 10 years ago


    The dealers only obligation is whats under the warranty. period.

    Now, if its a buy here pay here lot, they MAY (or may not) be willing to take the car back, and call it even. (Without giving her any money back)

    But they are under no obligation.

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