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Question about school IEP's?

I am a student starting out in the field of special education. I was wondering, when an intervention specialist starts the new school year do they go by the child's IEP that was made the previous school year? Do they follow the goals and objectives and modifications? I'm just really confused on how IEP's work. I'm doing this for an assignment and my book isn't helping too much. Thanks!

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    It varies between school districts, states, etc.

    My younger brother has an IEP (he has PDD-NOS). My parents meet with his teachers, principal, etc. at the beginning of each school year to review it and make changes if needed. And if, during the school year, something changes, they'll hold another meeting and make a change to the IEP to address that. Same thing happens if there's a concern; for example, when he made the transition from 5th to 6th grade, he had trouble with the whole having-a-locker concept, so they got someone to help him figure out when to go to his locker, etc.

    The IEP is also supposed to follow him from school to school. His was (eventually) sent electronically from his elementary to his middle school.

    As for actually following the IEP...well, our school system isn't too great at doing that.

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    10 years ago

    i work at a school for special needs kids and the way it works at my job is the teacher just finished the kids progress reports which consist of the goals if theyve achievedx any or not and their IEP. those kids who are going back to their district school or moving to a new class room a less contained class room stay with the same IEP. There goals dont change. once theyve accomplished their goals the new teacher will make new goals for the student.

    so yes the keep the same IEP from the previous year and they keep the same goals until theyve achieved them. also the students goal tracking is on computers so when they switch teachers the new teacher has all their information. hope this helped.

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  • 10 years ago

    Im a studant but i have i IEP im pretty shore that it depends on the students and how much they have changed also see if they have an up dated one and if not do a mix of both hope this helps good luck

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